K1 Britannia Trust

The K1 Britannia Trust’s name and inspiration is taken from the British royal family’s racing cutter Britannia, built in 1893 and laid to rest in St Catherine’s Deep in 1936. She was a remarkable yacht in terms of her design, her racing ability and for the way Britannia embodied a certain majesty in the way she was sailed. This ‘Spirit of Britannia’ captures the very essence of our sail-racing heritage – and embodies the way the charities that carry her name forward are operating today.

Our mission is to recapture the Spirit of Britannia through a charitable programme of personal development, education, heritage and restoration in order to help people who have become disengaged from society.

Based in the United Kingdom, there are three linked programmes in our strategy that reflects our values as a seafaring nation:

  1. Personal Development & Maritime Skills Training
  2. Heritage
  3. Restoration

King George’s affection for Britannia was boundless. He loved the ship as only a sailor can; he enjoyed winning, but was a splendid loser. He never grumbled... No yachtsman was more kind & thoughtful for his crew than his majesty.

--"The Kings' Britannia" by John Irving

Training for the future

The Personal Development & Maritime Skills Training Programme is designed to help those who have become disengaged from society regain their dignity and self-esteem. We offer learning opportunities focused on sail training, skills training and preparation for employment.

Through utilising the courses offered by the various schools we have worked with, such as IBTC Portsmouth (2016-2017), and IBTC Lowestoft (2017-Current), we’ve been able to offer vulnerable youth and ex-service personnel (referred to us by Combat Stress) struggling with mental health issues, the opportunity to take a 47-week accredited boatbuilding course to develop skills needed for gainful employment in the maritime industry.

Students learn skills by working on boats in different constructions and sizes, both new builds and restoration. In doing so they develop their ability to solve problems in a wide range of boat restoration scenarios. Those that pass the full course receive the internationally recognised qualification IBTC Practical Boatbuilding Diploma, in addition to the City & Guilds 2463-03 Marine Construction.

Woven into the programme is the opportunity to learn to sail in order to develop character and teamwork. The final stage of the programme is based on developing the life-skills required to find long-term sustainable employment.

I am very grateful to the K1 Britannia Trust for all that you've done. I can now see light at the end of the tunnel and a ray of hope for my future that wasn't there before. Having proven what you can do by giving my son and I this life-changing, life-saving opportunity, I'd like to give back something and help others enjoy the same.

Learning from the past

The K1 Britannia Trust’s Heritage Programme involves working with other charities, maritime organisations and schools. In addition to learning the skills needed to restore vessels of historic importance, individuals also hear the stories about these classic yachts and their maritime history. Introducing them to great examples of those who have gone on before helps develop more mature and noble-minded characters.

Our aim is to inspire children and young people to value their maritime heritage and contribute to the future maritime strength of the nation.

Flagship for good causes

The Restoration Programme centres on the construction of a replica of the historical sailing yacht Britannia. Once completed she will be used as a flagship for good causes and a platform to assist in fundraising for other charities; to provide training and leadership for those less fortunate than others, and to promote the Spirit of Britannia around the world.

Our intention is to draw in the Personal Development and Heritage programmes so that the construction becomes part of the vision for securing the Spirit of Britannia, as well as becoming a vehicle to support a follow-on apprentice programme for those individuals who have been through the Personal Development Programme.

Our mission is to build and crew a replica of Britannia, blending in our self-development and education programmes in order to promote the Spirit of Britannia.